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At Raindrop Games, our goal is to introduce players to new settings and allow them to see the world through a different set of eyes. Whether it’s realistic fiction or educational fantasy, the games we create are meant to entertain the player while still carrying a profound message. With our well researched subject matter, we strive to create games that are as authentic and interesting as possible.

Our Team

Josh Samuels

CEO, Creative & Technical Director

Hannah Turner

COO, Art Director

Cris Doi

Producer/Project Manager, Technical Artist

Annamarie Sucher

Writer, Level Designer

Aryn Rozelle

Voice Actor, Level Designer

Scott Ohlrich


Kyle Kirkpatrick

Sound Designer, Composer

Linda Nguyen

2D/3D Artist, Painter

Keith Stanley


Gary Sabo

2D/3D Art Lead, Level Designer

Abby Nissenbaum

Researcher, Voice Actor, Marketing



Arrival: Village Kasike

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