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At Raindrop Games, our goal is to introduce players to new settings and allow them to see the world through a different set of eyes. Whether it’s realistic fiction or educational fantasy, the games we create are meant to entertain the player while still carrying a profound message. With our well researched subject matter, we strive to create games that are as authentic and interesting as possible.

Our Team

Josh Samuels

CEO, Technical Director

Hannah Turner

COO, Art Director

Aryn Rozelle

Voice Actor, Level Designer

Scott Ohlrich


Kyle Kirkpatrick

Sound Designer, Composer

Linda Nguyen

2D/3D Artist, Painter

Keith Stanley


Gary Sabo

2D/3D Art Lead, Level Designer

Abby Nissenbaum

Researcher, Voice Actor, Project Management, Bizdev

Jessica Morell

Programmer, Bizdev



Arrival: Village Kasike

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